Ho Chi Minh city


Ho Chi minh city, formerly named and still also referred to as Sai Gon is the largest city in Viet Nam. Its population is almost 10 millions. This is the metropolitan area of the south .Nowadays Ho Chi Minh is an enormous tourist center of the whole country. Coming here tourist can meet friendly and open people, see beautiful architectures such as Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Opera House…Beside, this city also has an amazing night life which attract a lot of tourists come to discover.

L106.Thoi Son waterway travel in Tien Giang


The Mekong Delta, formed by the lower part of the Mekong River, as a region of 40.000 square km, lies to the west of Ho Chi Minh City. There are 20 millions who life is strongly rely on this river. Their main occupations are: agriculture, fishery, industry and FDI…Tourism also play an important role in this area. Visit the Mekong River Delta to experience types of eco-tourism, culture tourism and discover fruit gardens. The Mekong River Delta willingly welcomes visitors to enjoy and explore.



The tunnels of Cu Chi (Charlie Holy land) over 200 km long, are a complicated network, connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi District. The tunnels were used by Viet Cong and the local for protecting again many campaigns to “Search and kill VC” launched by the Sai Gon Government at that time. Cu Chi was heavily bombed during the war but part of the tunnels which is over 120 km long still left and is opening for tourist to visit. From Ho Chi Minh city tourist can take a half day tour to see booby traps, boom crater, take a chance to come down to experience the feeling under the tunnels, understand more about life of people who used to under the tunnels for years during the war time….